Akihabara “Anime Mecca” for Japan Travel

| November 5, 2008

The electric town of tokyo – the most recommended place by all people in Japan =p (or the geeks??)
I saw a big pikachu n many cute Japanese cosplay girls distributing brochures once we got out from akihabara station…Pst pst this is a secret of Akihabara…[ad#Google Adsense 336×280 Home + Posts]

There should be a lot of anime figurine shops here besides the camera/pc/handphones, but i’ve already got lots of them from Mandrake in Sakae, Nagoya and near Harajuku (or somewhere between Harajuku and Shibuya), Tokyo so i decided to go to the Anime center recommended by Wikitravel instead.

However, it’s actually only a small shop in a complicated building (which i keep missed the lift that can go to the right floor =p). Still, it’s not too bad (if only they have something like this in Melb =()

Japan is full of temples, shrines and castle – even anime shrine =p

Just want to share. Peace 😀

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  1. Redactor says:

    I don’t understand some details of this post..

  2. Unlike says:

    Interesting, but known =)

  3. Devon hotels says:

    if u said Japan,the things that will come to my thoughts were cartoons and hi tech inventions…c: