Interesting Slim Buildings and Houses in Japan

| January 11, 2009

Today I read an interesting story about weird thin buildings in Japan. Many of you might realize that actually there are very little space in Japan. The below and following unique pictures shows the hard evidences things that I claim about. Everybody are struggling just to have a small piece of land. Ironically, some portion of people really want to go to Japan, despite of knowing the fact that it is nothing good there actually except cute girls 😀


So either you are Japanese or “alien”, please don’t mourn if your house is small because there are quite number of “unlucky” Japanese who living in these claustrophobic structures. However, these pictures will indeed boost my desire to visit Japan soon. So much interesting things can be found at Japan.









For More Thin Buildings Photos

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  1. something disordered

  2. these snaps are ok..not excellent