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Top 10 Most Magnificent Mosques in the World

24 February 2009 17 Comments

Mosques are places where the followers of Islam worship. There are many of them around the world, ranging from very large Mosques that can seat 50,000 people to ones so small that they can only hold 10 people at a time. They are known for having amazing domes with crescents on top; tall and slender minarets that are usually situated at the corner of the building structure; amazing Art of Arabic Calligraphy and Quran verses in the Prayer Halls. Here is my list of the “Top 10 Most Magnificent Mosques in the World”. You may have been fortunate enough to have already visited some of them. I hope you enjoy and agree with some of my picks :)

No 10. Mosque of Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Photo by Binkley27

No 9. Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan

Photo by Virgomair

No 8. Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo, Egypt

Photo by Xaxier Fargas

No 7. Shah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran

Photo by Hesam

No 6. Al Aqsa Mosque (Dome of the Rock), Jerusalem, Palestine

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Photo by Christopher

No 5. Putra Mosque, Putrajaya, Malaysia


Photos by Vedd1

No 4. Sultan Ahmed Mosque a.k.a Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey


Photos by Lights2008

No 3. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei



Photos by Gromol

No 2. Al-Nabawi (Prophet) Mosque, Medina



Photos by Chinx786

No 1. Haram Sharif Grand Mosque, Mecca



Photos by Chinx786

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  • Likwid said:

    Dome of the Rock is not a mosque… Mosque of Omar is the mosque in Jerusalem


    Significantly less beautiful

  • Vince said:

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  • @ris said:

    Please change picture for Al-Aqsa..
    b’coz it’s a wrong picture..

    it’s Masjid Qubbatus Shakhrah

  • Prashant said:

    I think Hassan II of Morocco should have been in the list

  • haaaa said:

    great! but just one correction, mosque Al Aqsa is not mosque on the picture, this is other mosque (Dome of the Rock) which is a few meters right from real Al Aqsa (also known as Temple of Solomon)

  • kartik said:

    Heavens Christian Brigadier in France. Muslim Brigadier in Dubai
    Since Indian God Siva-Shakti was practising Child Sex with Other communities in India, he is sent out with his family to Hell by Heavens Court. All Saints know.
    Heavens Indian Brigadier Kartik

  • ugg boots said:

    I think Hassan II of Morocco should have been in the list

  • ed hardy said:

    good job

  • meeravali said:

    mushelim allpoossand myeimel

  • tiffanys said:

    seem like great especially building beside lakes

  • Kerala Tour Packages said:

    really looking good

  • britney spears perfume said:

    Please change picture for Al-Aqsa..
    b’coz it’s a wrong picture.

  • euphoria perfume said:

    I think Hassan II of Morocco should have been in the list

  • muhamad said:

    please change the picture of shah mosque because this picture is for sheikh lotfallah mosque that is near shah mosque meantime you missed
    imam reza shrine in Iran