World Top 5 Tallest Mountains

| May 25, 2012

World Top 5 Tallest Mountains | Google Sightseeing has an interesting article about Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador, and how it can make a claim to being the world’s highest mountain. While it’s not further above sea level than Mount Everest, it’s actually further from the center of the earth (and closer to the moon) than Everest because of the equatorial bulge.

Of course, mountains are always measured relative to sea level, so this doesn’t really count. However, it gives us a good excuse to check out some of the largest mountains on the planet, all of which look stunning in Google Earth. Here’s the five largest mountains, as measured by distance above sea level

1. Mount Everest – 29,035 Ft.

(credit : google)

2. K2 – 28,238 Ft.

(credit : google)

3. Kanchenjunga – 28,208 Ft.

(credit : google)

4. Lhotse – 27,923 Ft.

(credit : google)

5. Makalu – 27,842 Ft.

(credit : google)

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