Want to Participate in Akademi Fantasia 7? Check this Out!

| February 5, 2009


I heard that the percentage of SMS vote for Akademi Fantasia 6 was low compared to the previous 5 Akademi Fantasia seasons. But despite of declination number of SMS votes from the audience, ASTRO is still introducing a new chapter of Akademi Fantasia. This news is somehow making a great news to the Akademi Fantasia hard fans and those who can’t wait to be celebrities. Anyway, for those who feel like having hidden talents and interested on participating in the new season of Akademi Fantasia 7, here is the audition program for you to note it down:

Kuala Lumpur – 17 & 18 Januari, 7 & 8 Februari 2009
Johor Bahru – 24 & 25 Januari 2009
Sabah – 30, 31 Januari dan 1 Februari 2009
Sarawak – 30 & 31 Januari 2009

You are required to bring along copy of your identification card (IC) and a 4R photo when registering for audition. Required songs that you must master beforehand:

Songs for Male Participants
Angan dan sedar – Mawi
You raise me up – Josh Groban
Ketulusan hati – Anuar Zain
Hanya engkau yang mampu – Aizat
Ada – M.Nasir

Songs for Female Participants
No one – Alicia Keys
Kalis rindu – Elyana
Dikir puteri – Noraniza Idris
Karma – Cokelat
Tari Silat Melayu – Aishah


Senarai Peserta Akhir Akademi Fantasia 7

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  1. azad says:

    hi there. i’ve been following all your concerts and diaries and i must say that akedemi fantasia 7 is so un proffesional. especially the teachers. what makes it worse is the teachers standing up and making annoucment in the middle of concert. why are the teachers taking it personally. be professional guys. its a shame dato tiara. i thought you had class. but your teachers ruined it for you. the only teacher i see to be a real professional is cikgu syafie.

    thank you

  2. arena84 says:

    yeah. ur comment is probably reflect the last night’s incident where the teachers stood up and commented the critics panels right? yeah AF7 is one of the worst I think..

  3. krish tamaka says:

    hallo,,,kawan2 akademi fantasia… saya krish manager band COKELAT,,, terimakasih yaaa sudah mengundang kita pada tanggal 18 april kemarin,,,jangan bosan untuk membawakan lagu COKELAT. Dari album terbaru kami,,masih banyak lagu yang enak didengar dari album PANCA INDERA. terima kasih

    we love u all….

  4. arena84 says:

    you guys doing good..i like cokelat songs..

  5. cakee says:

    mawi sombong belagak kepala botak,

  6. arena84 says:

    agak aaa..

  7. arena84 says:

    apa kena mengena ngn mawi lak ni..dia dh xbotaak laa..