5 Weird Looking But Tasty Fruits

| May 20, 2012

5 Weird Looking But Tasty Fruits | The natural world surprises us every day and one of the most delicious surprises of them all is the exotic fruit of the warm tropical lands. The large majority of them were, until recently, unknown to so many people and when you look at them, you will not wonder why that was.

Spectacularly shaped by nature to intrigue the eye first and the taste later, these strange looking fruits tend to surprise the person used to see apples and pears.

Some delicate, some strangely sturdy…some of them carrying an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals, the joyfully colored gifts of the tropical nature are ready to impress us.

Here are the most unusual of them.

1. Safou

(credit : google)

2. Carambola

(credit : google)

3. Dragon Fruit

(credit : google)

4. Goat’s Beard

(credit : google)

5. Finger Citron

(credit : google)

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