Scary Fish Stranded on the Beach

| March 3, 2009

My morning had been shocked by an email received from my good friend, Fixx. The email contains photos of weird fish with molar and canine teeth, stranded on an unknown beach. It looks very scary to me and seems like somebody had just fried the fish! Go see these creepy pictures by yourself and tell me how you feel.







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  1. Neilio says:

    That is one crazy fu**in fish!! What would a fish need molars for anyway.. Looks like genetic manipulation of lions and fish.. 🙂

  2. Broham says:

    Yeah . . . photoshop-tastic.

  3. Proposition Chris says:

    I once saw a thing on TV about these taxidermists who mix animal bits together to make weird looking stuffed creatures (eg. bear with pythons for arms*). My guess is that’s what’s going on here. Not that it was necessarily one of the two guys from the show who did this, but someone doing how they do.

    * made up example. not seen on TV

  4. nugget says:

    A very nice stunt! Hopefully you placed it there & photographed peoples’ reactions?

  5. Dodger says:

    Wow! That
    Is a very scary fish!! I don’t think it’s real though.

  6. Great Job…
    you need to cover all the weakness part so that nobody will know.

  7. jared says:

    somebody stuffed a pig scull in a fisk skin it can’t be real, it looks to fake.

  8. Titti Barr says:

    It’s Baba Booey

  9. really says:

    anyone else notice it’s the same scene from that “other” found thing that washed up….

    and that the thing goes from 4 feet to 1 between photos 2 and 4..?

    And how did it decompose so quickly THEN regenerate some facial tissue

    BAD shop…

  10. miloi says:

    that is not real biatch

  11. lalala says:

    ive seen scarier in my sleep

  12. arena84 says:

    everybody had that.. =)

  13. doodle says:

    it looks wickedly creepy!maybe its from the evolution well thats my
    opinion but i am just a 10 year old girl!?

    p.s that looks pretty darn real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. arena84 says:


  15. Emma says:

    my friend sent this to me and i fell off my chair into the hallway!!! i just can’t see something like that washing up on the beach. that was one of the creepyest thing i’ve ever seen!!!! got anymore awsome things like this? cus thats amazing real of fake!

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  18. tahgd says:

    wow this is a crazy fish but it looks fake and so does that mermaid like the way its hands are and it seems to stiff to move so maybe it is dead and like a mummy

  19. StS II says:

    That is deff a babboon skull mixed wit a fishes body, jus sayin

  20. What a it original..??

  21. Will Carter says:

    Yall are some stupid mutha fuckers if you think that is real or even just looks real. Stupid bitches go chomp on some dick

  22. It looks very scary to me and seems like somebody had just fried the fish! Go see these creepy pictures by yourself and tell me how you feel.