[Destinasi Fantasia] Stacy, Riz and Nubhan at Gold Coast Australia Part 1

| November 8, 2008

Months has been passed by since Akademi Fantasia 6 show closed its entertainment. Where are the winners now? Stacey? Riz? Nubhan? What have they become? Looks like they are travelling a lot now. At the moment, they conduct a show called Destinasi Fantasia, some kind of the continuance of Akademi Fantasia show, but the only difference is they enjoy themselves a lot. Don’t trust me? Watch the episode of Destinasi Fantasia.

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Category: Akademi Fantasia, Australia

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  1. aisyah says:

    wahh..terlebih sudaa….stacy tggu tau..nt uma kite 18 thn kite..nk jd cam akak…maaalllaaatttoooopp[pssssss….

  2. jue~ says:

    alamak!!!!!!!! telebi sudaaaaaaa