New Year 2009 Eve Pictures at Sydney, Australia

| January 1, 2009

Sydney New Year 2009 1

Happy new year, everyone! I always love a brand new year. Some people hate the idea of a new year, because they don’t like time passing so quickly, or because they find the new year to be daunting. I love a new year, because I feel like there are so many new opportunities and good things out there. You never know what will happen in a new year! I imagine that the new year is a blank piece of paper…which is a bit cliched, I know. I’m not really a full-on positive thinker, but still, the new year fills me with a buzz of anticipation and excitement. What did you do on New Year’s Eve? Or perhaps you haven’t had your New Year’s Eve yet? Here in Sydney, Australia, it is already the afternoon of 1 January 2009! So maybe, if you are in another country, you are just making your preparations for a big night out!

I manage to compile the beauty of fireworks around the world and Sydney is not left behind. Being one of the greatest city on Earth and despite the uncertainty in economy stability, Sydney celebrated the new year’s eve all out with grand events. Below is some of the pictures. Hope you guys like them.

Sydney New Year 2009 2

Sydney New Year 2009 3

Sydney New Year 2009 Paris Hilton

Sydney New Year 2009 5

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