The Sky is Falling in Garie Australia

| March 16, 2010

The photo has been taken by David Dullaway in 2009 at Garie, Australia. The huge storm was about to hit the beach. It looks like the sky is falling. So beautiful…However, I can’t imagine if the sky were really falling…

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Image Credit: Fc04 Devianart

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  1. really huge storm ,make me crazy

  2. Remi Online says:

    great pic, thx for sharing

  3. card says:

    very nice picture! thanks.

  4. M.H.M says:

    yes indeed. very rare nature event..

  5. elis says:

    nice…banyak kejadian yang x pernah kita lihat

  6. Very true Elis. The more you travel, the more unusual events you will see..

  7. Ezleen says:

    Eh..awan ni pernah mucul kt tmpt tinggal sy…Labuan…

  8. Kolmie Abah says:

    Maha suci ALLAH yg mnjadikan seklian alam dan khidupan…