Hankai House – Ancient Japanese House Inside a Modern Home

| July 22, 2010

Hankai house, which is located at Akashi City at Hyogo, is a spectacular architecture marvel in Japan. It is a question much older than even this ancient Japanese home, the original portions of which date back over three hundreds years: how does one pay due respect to traditional forms when making contemporary additions, expansions and/or remodels that necessarily impact the existing site and structure? Thanks to a post by Dornob, now we have the answer for the said question.

This query was answered in a spectacular-but-understandable way by Katsuhiro Miyamoto and Associates through a new wooden building that responds to, wraps and protects a wooden gate house, which has sat for hundreds of years on the property. The construction was started in 2007 and just finished recently.

As much as possible was left of the walls, roof and rooms that range in age from 90 to 300 years. Beyond that, the new portions provide earthquake resistance as well as modern layouts to extend the limited and dated program and plan of the original center.

Burnt cedar makes the exterior walls blend in well with the regional vernacular, but the clearly contemporary forms make it obvious upon cursory inspection which pieces are old and which parts are new. The metaphorical as well as physical effect is one of support: what is added provides both a poetic embrace of history while actually offering structural assistance the the weathered core of the residence.

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  1. wow Japanese House great

  2. UGGSUK says:

    I long for the opportunity to get to Egypt. It has been on my list for years!

  3. Remi Online says:

    that house looks great!

  4. great plan and the architect of this house is really good in designing