Stunning Chinese Fisherman Photos

| March 21, 2009

The live of Chinese fishermen is so poor that they have to go out to sea everyday to catch fish to sell although there is an incoming thunderstorm on the way. The choppy waters and heavy rain made it very difficult to fish. The fishermen’s little boat swayed vigorously from side to side. As they are about to throw their net into the sea, a huge wave rocked their boat, causing them to lose their balance and fall into the sea. “God, please help us!” they screamed in the water, “Who is going to take care of our wife and children?”

I just want to share that the live of fishermen is not easy and very life-threatening. Please be grateful on what you have today. Anyway, please see following photos. Really awesome!








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  1. | March 23, 2009
  1. maship says:

    Umm…chinese fishermen are among the richest rural residents in china, definitely not poor and these are photoshopped tourism photos.

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