Tokyo Odaiba’s Island Stunning Gundam Statue

| March 20, 2009

Many of us familiarize with the Gundam, Japanese robotics anime. The Gundam official company in Japan has announced that 18-meter-tall (59-foot-tall), “life-size” statue of the title robot will be built at Tokyo’s artificial Odaiba island this July 2009, the biggest ever. The project is as part of the “Mobile Suit Gundam 30th Anniversary Project,” “Gundam will rise from the ground.” Japan as usual is always do things beyond our imagination.


Bouncing Red Ball has more to say:

The statue will be free for viewing, but it will only stay up for two months. It will be built with fiberglass-reinforced plastic over a steel frame so it can be disassembled later. The head unit will move and the body will have 50 points that will emit light. Mist can shoot forth from 14 locations on the body.

The park is just four trains stops from Tokyo Big Sight, the home of the Comic Market dōjinshi convention and the Gundam Big Expo convention that will be held from August 21 to August 23. Bandai Namco Group is still determining what to do with the statue after its allotted two months in the park are over.


Will this Gundam statue will protect Tokyo from outside attack? We will see about it. The Gundam itself is probably actually just a “mask” of Japan government to hide their new millitary weapon. Who knows right? It’s possible 😀

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  1. lordirongut says:

    I’m going to Japan in July! That will definately be something I go to see! I just might watch all of MS Gundam again before I go!

  2. arena84 says:

    Wow you are lucky. I want to be there too 🙂

  3. fnd ebi says:

    solute u japanese,hait!

  4. arena84 says:

    they are always thinking out-of-box. they are sometimes very weird lol.

  5. Odaiba says:

    That’s Daiba for you. Very “modern” place so of course they will have such a statue… though I didn’t see it. unfortunately.

  6. arena84 says:

    you didnt see it because it is still not finished yet. they are still plan on it. maybe in 2010 or 2011..

  7. That was really magnificent. I thought that she is really alive, i mean has a life. You really get me hook to that but she is really a great work of art.