Tokyo’s “Underground Temple” – The Largest in the World

| February 26, 2009

Tokyo, with a population of 12.4 million, is one of the largest cities in the world and still growing. It is known for not only having huge amounts of anime and robot fans, but also for its annual rainy and typhoon seasons that can flood the whole city. Because of this, there is a need to build a massive underground drainage system to counter the problem. In 1992, a plan called G-Cans Project or the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel (drainage system) was approved and construction began. The G-Cans project was completed in 2004. Below are some of the pictures of “Tokyo’s Drainage System: The Largest in the World”.


Fototerra Finaldarkworld had a bit more to say:

To download of rain water, the complex is equipped with a turbopump 59. Their total capacity of 14 thousand horsepower, they can outrun the top 200 tons of water per second. It seems that this might certainly be designed for the most intense flooding. However, in this area in a heavy downpour falling on 200 millimeters of precipitation, and sometimes up to 400 (monthly rainfall for Moscow, for example, is 35 millimeters). Therefore, margin of safety facilities placed enormous. Let all the sea would rise in clouds and rain fall. Designers should consider a set of massive underground storage for many thousands of tons of water to the height of precipitation area upstairs is not to submergence.






Since its opening, the G-Cans has prevented floods from entering the metropolis, but “unfortunately” it can’t prevent many people, including celebrities and film makers from flooding the place. It is due to the G-Cans project is also meant to be a tourist attraction, and can be visited for free twice a day, from Tuesday to Friday. Unfortunately, the tour is conducted only in Japanese. My suggestion is you should learn the language; it is very interesting. If you would like to see more amazing tourist details and pictures of Japan’s G-Cans see Japan Underground Temple Tour (Pick Summary in English).

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  1. ugg boots says:

    , but also for its annual rainy and typhoon seasons that can flood the whole city…

  2. Underground Temple is crazy

  3. Devon hotels says:

    what an amazing creations I salute to the planner of this buildings….for sure i will enjoy hiking this spots…

  4. Really awesome post and nice pictures. I think the Japanese are quite good at engineering and they always use to show that through their engineering marvels that they used to create. Thanks for sharing.

  5. plumbing says:

    Wow, that’s really amazing. The images are really cool. It looks big even in picture. I am not surprised if it’s the largest drainage system in the world because it’s really big. Thanks for posting. I enjoy it alot.

  6. Really big but i hope it saves the city from the past tsunami that happen in Japan.It’s really worse and damages was huge.Let’s all pray it will not happen again.

  7. plumbing says:

    Nice photos! I agree that Tokyo’s underground temple is the largest in the world. You can in the pictures some scenes inside the temple. Great structures and great scenes.

  8. amazing underground pics! thank you for selection

  9. Great job! it’s very nice post and images are awesome.