Wild ATV Girls at Jeju Island

| November 7, 2008

ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle, and yes, like what it stands for, you can ride on ATV through rough terrain and slopes. The best thing is, to all babies out there, you don’t need a motor license to ride on ATV *blink* *blink*… at least that applies on Jeju island… circuit.

Oh wait! Some of you do not where the heck is Jeju Island anyway. The only reason I know because it is a place where most of Korean movies scenes were made. So its kinda popular in Korea. You should visit this place! As a bonus, lots of cute girls too!

ATV is not hard. You just need to apply the accelerator and brake on the ATV for a joyride. Not particularly exciting, but is a good experience for the kids. They don’t have a motor license yet, remember? Neither do these cool babes here…

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