Tomok Juara OIAM3 2009

| May 1, 2009

Last night we have seen the New Boyz lead singer Shah Indrawan “Tomok” Ismail has emerged as the contest’s most creative and entertaining contestant, and for that, he won the RM1 million prize! Almost every week, 25-year-old Tomok of Rembau has made his performances his very own. Strict judges Paul Moss and Syafinaz Selamat loved his performances, most notably in the third week of the competition when he gave his take on Beyonce’s Crazy In Love. Tomok, the fourth of six siblings, said he joined OIAM3 to “beef up his singing skills” and progress from teenybopper to adult contemporary artiste.

Gambar Tomok 1

“New Boyz has been around for a decade, and I’m one of the original members who joined at 15. All this while I’ve been a ‘T-shirt singer’ but OIAM3 has matured me into a “coat and vest” crooner,” he said.

Tomok is a great fan of The Moffatts, Search, Slam, U2, Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart, and credits his brother-in-law and producer Zulkifli Majid of 2 By 2 fame (Ismaliza’s husband) for introducing him to various local and foreign artistes’ works.

Gambar Tomok 2

“I’ll invest the prize money in my first solo album, and start my studio if I win. It’s always been my dream to be a producer, composer and lyricist in the long run,” he said, adding that he would love to work with Faizal Tahir, Aizat Amdan, Aubrey Suwito and Audi Mok for his album. Moss and 8TV chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar both described this year’s finalists as the show’s most competitive to date.

“All three had their moments in the episodes thus far. The key to winning is to challenge one’s limits and give the audience something to remember,” said Moss.

Ahmad Izham said all three had a good shot at winning with their different strengths.

Tomok has performed Rindu Terhenti composed by Aubrey and written by Tinta S. Aweera performed Ku Di Sini composed by Lin Li Zhen and written by Pacha, and Esther sang Mimpiku composed by Sharon Paul and written by Mable Lew.

Gambar Tomok 3

Reigning champion Ayu Damit and Bunkface has been the guest artistes. The grand finals has been televised “live” from Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam last night at 8.30pm. The contestant who receives the lowest number of SMS votes for the previous weekly concert will exit the show, leaving two contestants to compete for the grand prize. However, The last-minute surprise — as in the case of OIAM1’s grand finals, when all three finalists battled it out until the end. Ahmad Izham said 8TV’s website had conducted an opinion poll for viewers to vote for the contestants they want to hear sing in the finals.


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  1. MelayuBoleh says:

    Tomok definitely a champs! He is so talented and I’m not surprise with his spectacular performance.

  2. jihan atikah says:

    memang peminat fanatik tomok sejak form 1 lagi dan kemunculan barunya meletup….

  3. arena84 says:

    aah setelah lama menghilang, kini bergelar jutawan ngeh ngeh ngeh..

  4. mokde says:

    anak buah mokde minat giler kat tomok dari dulu kala sampai la ni…siap gantung poster kat belakang pintu..

  5. arena84 says:

    haha bagus2..peminat jutawan 🙂

  6. Melayu Boleh says:

    Perghh… i like Tomok..
    dia mmg hebat masa final itu hari..
    syok la tgk tomok masa tuh.. 🙂

  7. arena84 says:

    tomok yang jambu tapi oklah tu. he deserves the title and 1millions o.O

  8. aswanism says:

    teringat coverstory mangga +-10 tahun yg dulu..”tomok tumbuh jerawat”… sekarang dah matang beb..congrats my friend…

  9. Suldarsem says:

    ToMok aku selalu dukung karier kamu.kamu sekarang nambah cakep.aku makin ngfanz banget ma kamu.kapan konser di indo? Aku pengen ketemu kamu bAnget aku ngefanz ma kamu sejak tahun 2000.

  10. naniey says:

    suke gegile kat tomok….hope tomok success alwayz…

  11. suldarsem says:

    Tomok kmu memang pantas tuk jadi pemenang!!!!!!!!!
    para Nbianz di Indo nggu Kedatangan kmu Di indo……

  12. puteri94 says:

    tomok,u so cute.i luv u..mmuuaaahhhh……

  13. Tomok has improved a lot since he got the brekathrough with New Boyz..

  14. diladahari says:

    t0mok mmg t0mey la…muah kat t0mok hihi…

  15. ed hardy says:

    that’s a good job

  16. ugg boots says:

    beautiful picture !you are great

  17. azrul says:

    tomok&new boyz… aq ngefans kalian semua, kapan konser di indonesia? terutama di kotaku, yogyakarta… bravo tomok!!!

  18. jsmin amran says:

    abg tmk jas ska dgn lgu arjuna tu la

  19. jsmin amran says:

    abg tmk mti byk gwa kn

  20. VHIRA says:

    congratulations TOMOK,
    love u forever
    daku kn slalu menyokong_u
    kutunggu kabar terbarunya ya!!!!!!
    miZ u!!!

  21. ..tomokk ,,aqqu mshihh skaa lguu kmuu..
    ..dhrii aqqu kcill ingga skrngg..