Fabulous Aurora Pictures in Norway

| September 25, 2010

The photographer, Michaelang Ole shot these beautiful and amazing aurora on September 2010, nearby Skittenelv in the Tromso area, in northern Norway. He, together with his two friends, Frank and Knut, were out chasing the aurora, after a 30min drive outside of Tromso, they pulled the car over when they found their strategic location. Then all of a sudden all electricity in the area blacked out, it was strange, it was mysterious, it was like they could feel something was about to happen.

According to OPD Blog, he had instantaneously just taken of his 24mm Mark II f/1.4, and it was hard to decide weather to put his favorite lens back on, or go for the 16mm to be able to capture more. In this case he was glad he went for the 16mm. After 45min of waiting it suddenly happened. It was like all of heaven opened and poured electric plasma light all over them! They were mesmerized, it was magic, it was almost indescribable. You get religious when you get to experience something like this. The lights were everywhere, it was difficult to decide where to shoot, they were shouting and screaming at each other in excitement, and they were laughing, it was sick!!! He shot lots of shot, some better than the rest. Following photos are some of his amazing snaps during the Aurora occurance at Norway.

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  1. Remi Online says:

    amazing!i wish to see that too!

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  3. stravsky says:

    These are truly some of the most spectacular aurora pics I’ve ever seen….thx for posting them up!

  4. Travel India says:

    It does look a magnificiently eerie site.

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