Genuine Fake Watches in Turkey (Funny)

| December 5, 2010

My friend was recently visiting Turkey and sent me these funny photos of “genuine fake watches” for tourist souvenirs. The “genuine fake watches” signs were visible everywhere. It is kind of shocking. Turkey with about 70 million of people is surely an interesting place to be. Why? At least in China, they don’t openly declare that their products are not genuine even you know the fact very well hehe…

Genuine fake watches for souvenir

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  1. clasamente says:

    That is really funny, another example is when you want to buy something the seller asks let`s say for example 100$ and he says you could negociate and finally he sells that object with 10$, and with those 10$ the seller still has profit. Turkey is beautiful but you need to be carefully when you buy something

  2. M.H.M says:

    Thanks for the tip. I never been in Turkey yet but soon…hopefully…

  3. remi online says:

    i am not surprised, turkey is well known for this kind of things 🙂

  4. i admire turkey at least they are accepting the fact unlike china denial…

  5. funny quotes says:

    Ha ha ha!Very funny!At least they say the true and customers know what they buy …a fake lol!Nice pics and awesome blog!

  6. a fake lol!Nice pics and awesome blog!

  7. friv says:

    Lol!This is funny,ha ha ha.Cool pics,I like all!I will stumble your page and also visit it ofter for at least five minutes of fun.Thanks!