Turkey: Pamukkale, One of the World’s Most Unique Touristic Destinations

| April 30, 2011

Pamukkale is one of the world’s most unique locations which attracts large number of visitors by its unique nature and by unique combination of historical monuments, amazing natural features and welcoming touristic offers.

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If we would translate the name of the Pamukkale into English, it would be called a Cotton Castle, and, indeed, this place could remind us, by its shinny whiteness, on a huge field covered with pure white cotton.

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Pamukkale is located at the south-west of Turkey, in the nearby of the city of Denizli. It is a complex of unique mineral and thermal springs, located in the valley of Menderes river, which are often considered to have a healing power.

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The fact that here you can also find the remains of the antic settlement Hierapolis which existed about more than 2000 years ago, and on this very location there are remains of ancient spas, tells us that this place has been recognized as unique and joyful by visitors for thousands of years in past.

There are 17 thermal springs in Pamukkale which are releasing the hot water whose temperatures are ranging from 35 to 100 Celsius degrees. The waters from those springs are rich with minerals and this is what caused the emergence of the beautiful white terraces on the places where this water has been passing. Those terraces are made from minerals such as calcium-carbonate and they were formed in a shape of various swimming pools. All this makes this location highly attractive for visitors from the rest of Turkey and from the whole world.

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The place is pretty accessible, there is an airport in Denizli which is about 65 kilometers away from Pamukkale and you can get from the airport to Pamukkale for about one hour of ride.

If you are one of those who are planning to visit this place, don’t forget to bring some sunglasses since this place can be pretty shiny because of the reflection of the sunlight from the white surface of the pools.

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Beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites, Credits: Swisseduc.ch

The water from thermal springs colored by algae, Credits: Swisseduc.ch

Remains of ancient settlement Hierapolis, Credits: Swisseduc.ch

You could easily think that this place is covered by snow, Credits: Wikimedia

Everything is pure white here, Credits: Wikimedia

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