Top 5 Wonders of Russia

| June 25, 2012

Top 5 Wonders of Russia | To the rest of the world, Russia has often been cloaked in mystery, with political affairs clouding our sense of what this sprawling nation in northern Eurasia is really like.

Putting aside its Soviet past, Russia is now much more accessible to outsiders, but its very size and the remoteness of much of its territory still mean that much of it goes unseen. These 5 natural sights, from the vast Golden Mountains of Altai in Southern Siberia to the sandy Curonian Split on the Baltic Sea coast, represent just a fraction of the beauty that this nation has to offer.

1.  The Golden Mountains of Altai

(credit : google)

2.  Lena’s Stone Forest

(credit : google)

3. Lake Baikal

(credit : google)

4. The Valley of Geysers

(credit : google)

5. The Curonian Split

(credit : google)

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