5 Terrific Country You Must Visit

| May 27, 2012

5 Terrific Country You Must Visit | “I can’t decide where to take my next vacation!” Is there a more pressing First World problem? Fortunately for the lazy tourist, millions before him have already carved out well-trodden paths around the more famous destinations — India, Thailand, Croatia and so on — and getting a dose of foreign culture is as easy as catching a cab to the airport.

These destinations are interesting to be sure, but if one wants to travel the road less taken, it usually means turning to countries with less than stellar reputations. War-torn countries, nations with a history of political problems and those beset by natural disasters are, more often than not, places where you’ll find diamonds in the rough. Oftentimes these countries feature just as many of the attractions as the tourism superstars, but with sparser crowds and more of an edge. And, yes, often it’s only a matter of time before these insider destinations join ranks with the package-tour itinerary stops.

So ignore the disaster journalism that characterizes these 5 countries as places to avoid. Sensational reporting by its nature never makes mention of the generous people living regular lives at the edges of the big story. Amazing and unique sights and experiences that are conspicuously absent from the timetable tours of more tourist-friendly countries await the intrepid traveler. Besides, no one knows what destination will be tourism’s Next Big Thing, but chances are it will be one of the places on this list. Now’s the time to go.

1. Myammar (Burma)

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2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

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3. Armenia

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4. Uganda

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5. Colombia

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