Inflight Meal Tips

| June 5, 2012

Inflight Meal Tips – If you are taking a flight to go travel, meal time on board is one of the moment you must be waiting for! Some inflight meal are very delicious but most of all, they are cooked with full supervision of hygiene and strict production process flow. So now you are being asked about which food would you prefer to eat, what are the tips you can use when making a considerations?

1. When flying an airline, always order the their native meal

Is it because they’re better at what they know? Or that rice is harder to get wrong than mashed potatoes and pasta? Well, maybe it is because they are better at what they know, and hey, what is wrong to try their delicacies? You might found your new favourite food.

2. Order a special meal

If you are looking for something more nutritionally balanced, contact your airline about their special meals. Cathay, for instance, has 19 different special meals, ranging from halal, kosher and Jain meals to ones created for those with lactose or wheat intolerance.

3. Buy food at the airport

Sandwiches and salads tend to be easier to transport, though Asian standards such as baozi also stand up to the journey. Many cafés now offer fresh fruit as healthy snacks, though be sure to eat these before you disembark, especially in countries with strict food importation laws like Australia and the U.S. (A Japanese fast-food joint in Narita sells edamame to go—perfect for midflight munchies.) One thing to be mindful of: while tastier, food bought in airport restaurants can be as calorific as in-flight meals. A chicken sandwich recently spotted in the Wolfgang Puck Express Café at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport contained a whopping 720 calories.

4. Pack your own

If you’re flying long-haul and you’re particular about food, this is the best option. Just avoid anything overly fragrant, lest you raise your neighbors’ ire. Some suggestions: A crusty baguette with a selection of charcuterie, including a hunk of a hardy cheese such as parmigiano reggiano; a pasta salad with semi-roasted tomatoes, olives and goat cheese; or cold sesame noodles with julienned cucumber.

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