Top Food Tours to Enjoy In US

| September 28, 2011

Napa Valley: Gourmet Napa Walking Tour

This is a 3 hour walking tour that has 8 stops. During the walk you will have the chance to meet local people, organic farmers, winemakers and so on, and in the end your bag will be filled with local recipes.

The things that you will have the possibility to try include coffee from one of San Francisco’s premier roasters, California artisan cheese, oysters from a well-known North American oyster  producer, artisan salami and you will see the process of producing sausage, virgin olive oil that has won numerous awards, wine infused chocolate and handcrafted whoopie pies.

San Francisco: Gourmet on Hayes

This is also a 3 hour walking tour in one of the trendiest locations of San Francisco: Hayes Valley. In this case there are 7 stops and in the end you will have a pretty good idea about what is hot on the gourmet food scene.

You will visit specialty shops and restaurants and you will get the chance to taste specialty teas and Zen inspired tea lounges, artisan truffles that have been hand painted at a luxurious chocolate lounge, Belgian fries with 22 different dipping sauces, rainbow assortment of Parisian macaroons, artisanal salami, imported cheeses and Russian River Sauvignon Blanc, and also gingerbread cupcakes from a confiserie that has a European style.

Aspen: Foodie Food Tours

Although this is known to be a popular ski destination, it is also popular during the summer. While being on this tour you will get the chance of getting to specialty shops and restaurants that most probably you wouldn’t have found on your own.

The interesting thing about this tour is that the destinations are always changing, but you can be sure that it will be something you will never forget.

Miami: Little Havana Food Tour

Miami is known to be one of the most luxurious destinations of the world, and it is also the best place to try authentic Cuban food. You will have the opportunity to visit family owned restaurants in the district known as Little Havana. The main focus of this tour is represented by the small restaurants where you will have the possibility to learn about history and culture.

The things that you will get to taste include coladita, masitas, mariquitas and guarapo juice. You will also learn about the link between the Spanish and the Cuban cuisine. You can also meet local artists and cigarette rollers.

As you might see these tours aren’t only about the food. There is a lot more to learn about different connections and customs, not to mention the local history and culture.

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  1. Who said American food was not good? With all these many nationalities that influence the American population we can definitely see how they have delicious specialties and that each city or state is different in the US.