(Funny) School Then and Now

| November 19, 2010

When stumbling upon a post called, “school then and now”, I just remember my past post entitled, “Siege of Leningrad Blockade Now and Then Photos“. Indeed, this is very true. In the past, whenever we came home, our mother always ask us, “have you been kind to your teacher today?“. And look at now. let’s see what most mother at present day asked their children. “Has your teacher been kind to you today?” Could you guess who’s actually at fault? It could be your wife or yourself or even your children. However, in my opinion, it is such a waste of time to argue this, let’s just make a change before too late.

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Source: Reddit.com

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  1. remi online says:

    oh my god look at that fat kid’s look..it creeps me out!

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