Doha New Traffic Lamborghini Gallardo Patrol Car

| March 18, 2009

Like Dubai, Doha is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. It is a dream to many of us to visit the country, including me. Today while browsing online through the interesting places to travel in Doha, I found this very interesting post. I feel like, “Hey the new Awesome Lamborghini Gallardo has come in the traffic patrols team, nobody can speeding anymore”. But the truth is, my friend who worked at oil and gas company told me that he has been working in Doha for 6 months and saw, say thousands of traffic violations, which many of these violations were just next to police cars (they were land cruiser violations) and nothing happened!!! So is this only for the luxury show or needs? Think about it. Anyway, enjoy the photos 🙂





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