Iman Maleki: Photos or Paintings?

| May 7, 2009

No, these are not photos, but actual paintings by the great Iman Maleki! Maleki was born in Teheran, Iran in 1976 and was always fascinated with the magic of painting. He was only 15 when he started to study with the greatest realist painter in Iran, Morteza Katouzian. Since then he has had many successful showings of his paintings. His most important exhibitions so far include the “Exhibition of Realist painters of Iran” in the Contemporary Museum of Art in Teheran (1999), the “Group Exhibition of KARA Studio Painters” in the SABZ galerie (1998) and the SA’AD ABAD Palace (2003). He is now considered to be the best realist painter in the world because of his unbelievable talent and painting technique. Below are the compilation of his most magnificent real paintings. Enjoy!

Iman Maleki Photo 1
Iman Maleki Photo 2
Iman Maleki Photo 3

Iman Maleki Photo 4
Iman Maleki Photo 5
Iman Maleki Photo 6

Iman Maleki Photo 7
Iman Maleki Photo 8
Iman Maleki Photo 9

Iman Maleki Photo 10
Iman Maleki Photo 11
Iman Maleki Photo 12

Iman Maleki Photo 13
Iman Maleki Photo 14
Iman Maleki Photo 15

Iman Maleki Photo 16
Iman Maleki Photo 17
Iman Maleki Photo 18

Iman Maleki Photo 19
Iman Maleki Photo 20
Iman Maleki Photo 21

Iman Maleki Photo 22
Iman Maleki Photo 23

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  1. Great Stock Photo Post thanks for share it.

  2. arena84 says:

    yeah they are really awesome and mindblowing just to see them.. hes a really talented painter 😀

  3. Holger says:

    Great paintings/drawings, but I did not feel the distorted aspect ratio that was used here added anything good to the experience. Its easy to fix. Please do it.

  4. Lionel says:

    I can’t believe my eyes, he is really bestowed with the god’s blessing and born talents, I have once visited Iran, and there the women I saw were extremely beautiful. Those women are living in these paintings. Congratulations.
    By the way, I am a Sri Lankan editor at the moment serving in Brunei, and please can I use these picutres with an article about the artist in Brunei Times.
    Lionel Yodhasinghe

  5. Eve Murphy says:

    I like his style and I like his subject matter! Very impressive talent.

  6. arena84 says:

    sorry about that. ill fix them now..

  7. arena84 says:

    yes sure..but i prefer u contact directly the painter for more quality information and details..

  8. shail says:

    reallistic images ……really toch d heart….

  9. arena84 says:

    yeah i agree with ya..they are really touching .. 😀

  10. Zahid says:

    Its really a great talent if these pictures are really made by the painter….

  11. arena84 says:

    and they are really made by the painter. hes genius =)

  12. This is a genius artwork. You are much more than any other painters which has a reality effect. Great job man.

  13. Mary says:

    just marvelous..!

  14. Monia says:

    I am very glad to see these lovely and beautiful information. These informaiton is very lovely and good.

  15. arena84 says:

    im glad u like them..

  16. aswanism says:

    phew…silent and peace..great artwork!

  17. Adriana says:

    Alucinante increible hubiera jurado que son fotos. preciosos tambien los rostros de sus modelos. un grandioso y estupendo ARTISTA actual. Es una Belleza su obra de arte. Felicidades desde México a Iman Maleki.

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  19. This will certainly help us show our children what was the appearance of their surroundings way back when there is still war.

  20. supra shoes says:

    thank you for your post , oil painting ?

  21. Ohhh GOD .. I can’t believe it !! Is it really hand made ? Hat’s off

  22. This is what we called a Real Art. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great talent.

  23. This is what we called Real art. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing such a great talent with us.

  24. I have never seen such a real art in my life. I am really glad and inspire too. Infect I don’t have enough words to praise this art. Thanks for sharing such a deep art with us.

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  26. Really such a nice shots.I have never seen such kind of art before this.Thanks for sharing such a deep art with us carry on……..