Qattara Depression – World’s Largest ‘Vanish’ Land

| January 1, 2010

Qattara Depression is located west of Cairo, Egypt. The place is the largest ‘vanish’ land in the world that left a large basin with a length of 175 miles (280km) and a width of 90 miles (140km). Since the size is very surprisingly massive, the location is very difficult to find and identify.

Image Credit: James Thurley

With the depth of 134 feet below the sea-level, the hole was once being used in the unstoppable war of Middle East as additional source of energy. With that fact, the scientists currently are trying to initiate a project that worth almost 360 million dollars to utilize Qattara as a complete independent energy resource (hydroelectric power). This plan requires the trench dug from the end of the Mediterranean Sea to the Qattara so that the water will flow through the tunnel hole. As a result (at least 160 years into the future), a new lake that imitate the size of Lake Erie will be emerged. In this kind of desert, the heat will evaporate the additional water flow from the Mediterranean Sea.

However, before the plan will be carried out, scientist must first understand the geo of the land. Scientists are currently puzzled with the natural phenomena occurred in the Qattara even though they tentatively know that Qattara Depression is the result of wind erosion or wind storms that eroded the top layer to bottom layer. I think what the scientists do not know is the fact that the Qattara Depression is a vanish land. Yes a vanish land…Period.

Want to see more photos of Qattara?

Images credit: Fouderg

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  1. Steve says:

    I like this site it’s really informative & interesting post

  2. Carmen says:

    heyo.. happy new year… i just found out this site..


  3. The powerful storms of late winter and early spring often scour the nation’s lowest point—the Qattara Depression

  4. how spacious land it is!seems so regret ’cause we’re not using this…but God is good….we may use this for movies, pictorials etc.

  5. azzmel aizzat says:

    assalamualaikum baru baca tulisan prnah trbace mngenai Qattara Depression ini di dalam buku Alexander adalah Zulqarnain, tulisan Muhammad Alexander @ Wisnu Sasongko.di dalam buku trsebut, Qattara Depression adalah sebuah lembah yg telah tertimbus suatu masa dahulu.mngikut kajian beliau, inilah tempat lembah hitam yg dimaksudkn di dalam Al-Quran semasa pngembaraan Iskandar Zulkarnain..namun tempatnya bukanlah di Laut Merah tetapi trletak di Gurun Sahara(lupa nama tempatnya secara spesifik)..harap saudara dpt mncari pnjelasan brkenaan artikel sekadar brkongsi pngetahuan yg ada…kalau sy silap maklumat, minta maaf..terima kasih

  6. maxx says:

    the prob is, those maps are showing saudi’s land n not egypt.. learn geo plz~