House on a Rock at Rhode Island

| October 31, 2009

House on a Rock at Rhode Island | Clingstone, an unusual and such a vintage, 103-year-old mansion in Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay, survives through the love and hard work of family and friends. Henry Wood, the owner, runs the house like a camp where all skilled workers welcome. The Jamestown Boatyard hauls the family’s boats and floating dock and stores them each winter in return for a week’s use of the house in the summer. Once in a while, they are traveling overseas. For cheap flight tickets, please visit

House on a Rock 1
House on a Rock 1

Mr. Wood, a 79-year-old Boston architect, bought the house with his ex-wife Joan in 1961 for $3,600. It had been empty for two decades. Clingstone had been built by a distant cousin, J.S. Lovering Wharton. Mr. Wharton worked with an artist, William Trost Richards, to create a house of picture windows with 23 rooms on three stories radiating off a vast central hall. The total cost of the construction, which was completed in 1905, was $36,982.99. However, bear in mind that the currency in 1905 is not the same as for now. Possibly the price is estimated about $4 millions.

House on a Rock

House on a Rock

An early sketch of the house shows the plan on how they develop the greatest architecture. Mr. Wood is as proud as any parent of his house, and keeps a fat scrapbook of photographs and newspaper clippings that document its best moments. Many of the historic photos he has were provided by the company that insured the house for its original owners. The Newport Bridge is visible from the windows of the Ping-Pong room, to the left of the fireplace. The house is maintained by an ingenious method: the Clingstone work weekend. Held every year around Memorial Day, it brings 70 or so friends and Clingstone lovers together to tackle jobs like washing all 65 of the windows. Anne Tait, who is married to Mr. Wood’s son Dan, refinished the kitchen floor on one of her first work weekends.

House on a Rock
House on a Rock

There are 10 bedrooms at Clingstone, all with indecently beautiful views. The dining room table seats 14. Refinishing the chairs is a task on the list for a future work weekend. Sign by the ladder that leads to the roof reads “No entry after three drinks or 86 years of age“.

“It used to say 80 but we had a guy on a work weekend who was 84, so I changed it,” said Mr. Wood, ever the realist. It would have been a shame to curtail the activities of a willing volunteer.

House on a Rock
House on a Rock
House on a Rock
House on a Rock
House on a Rock
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  1. Wow, what an amazing building. I personally prefer not to live in remote locations, not to mention a simple rock in the sea, but this building does make me reconsider my opinions a bit. The interior is my absolute favorite, the wooden floors and walls and everything looks really good.

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  2. amazing photos. i also wish that my house was there. it feels like heaven on the earth. the best noticeable thing was the notice which is being put on the door. amazing.

  3. Amazing! The room with the fireplace is especially well conceived. The architect should be given an award for this one.

  4. This house looks great yet I suspect that it may get slightly unsafe in times of storm or even high tide… Would spend a week or two there though 🙂

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    I like it. Very good.

  6. House on a Rock – it really looks amazing.

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  8. But it doesn’t look very practical. You have to boat your way to the city just to get groceries.

  9. mathew says:

    beautiful house at rock. I like to live here

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  13. great idea but wait…is this safe to live in the middle of the sea?isn’t dangerous?

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    Oh I do hope to visit some day! What a great place to work!

  16. what a magnificent view, i wish i had a house just like that one!

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  18. This is out standing place for leaving. I wish I can visit this island.

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  22. magnificent view, i wish i had a house just like that!

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  30. Great pictures. thanks for publishing… wonder how it will hold up after a big nor-easter

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  37. Its looking nice but I don’t like the water theme because its annoying.

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    That’s an awesome house. Is it not risky? I mean the waves or storms? Though, I think living in that house is a great experience and adventures. I have so much fun viewing the pictures.

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  43. wonderful house, is this a vacation house or just for family use?

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