Magnificent Giant Crystal Cave at Naica

| April 16, 2010

At the first glance, the Giant Crystal Cave looks like Superman’s fortress at the North Pole. The amazing place, located at Naica Mexico, has crystals up to 12 meter long and weighing about 55 tons. Buried and hidden deep beneath the surface of the Earth, the Giant Crystal Cave is one of the greatest natural marvels on the planet. But be careful because this sweltering cavern could kill humans after just only 15 minutes of exposure. The Giant Crystal Cave is now has become the working ground by all scientists around the world with numerous numbers of questions and hypothesis regarding the jaw-opening place.

Naica Giant Crystal Cave

I just want to share some secrets and facts that not known to the public.
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– The giant crystals found in the caves at Naica are softer than a human fingernail.
– The largest crystal found at Naica is 500,000 years old.
– The stunning crystal pillars are made from the same common mineral as drywall – it’s called gypsum.
– The Naica cave’s deadly heat comes from the depths of the Earth. Naica sits on a set of fault lines. A magma chamber a mile and a half down warms the water that flows throughout the mountain.
– The Naica principle cave “Cueva de Los Cristales” is 113°F and 100% humidity.
– The Naica facility pumps 16,000 gallons of water per minute out of the mine and runs 24-7.
– The water pumped from the Naica mine formed a lake in the arid Chihuahua desert and is also used to irrigate a golf course.
– Naica is one of the most productive lead mines in the world, and a huge supplier of the world’s silver as well.
– The Naica cave actuality footage was shot on solid-state memory HD video cameras (tape-less) wrapped in plastic bags and pre-heated for three hours prior to entering the cave.
– The Naica Project team created a stop-motion robot and fitted it with a Nikon digital still camera powered by custom software to capture beauty-shot sequences of the cave with 10-megapixel resolution.

Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Naica Giant Crystal Cave
Source: National Geography Magazine/Photographer: Carsten Peter and Spleoresearch and Films.

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  1. Raj says:

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    It’s just like in the movies. Very interesting.

    – John

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