2010 New Year Pictures Kuala Lumpur

| January 1, 2010

Malaysia has celebrated its 2010 new year practically early than any other place in the world. Why? Please go open your high school’s geography book and find out yourself. :p These are some pictures of 2010 countdown at variety of places in Kuala Lumpur.

New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur

Malaysians ushered in the New Year by letting their hair down at several countdown parties. Anyway, as reported by local newspaper today, despite concerns over the turbulent state of the economy, many were intent on having fun ushering in 2009 which was greeted by some fearsome fireworks displays. At Dataran Merdeka, political people were joined the crowd together for the countdown. As the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad clock tower struck twelve, there were shouts of “Happy New Year” and cheers. The crowd was then treated to a spectacular fireworks show. Parties were also held at KLCC and Bukit Bintang.

New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur

Meanwhile, in Petaling Jaya, the festivities centered on 1 Utama shopping complex with samba dancers, fire eaters and Brazilian percussionists adding color before a line-up of artistes took to the stage. Deejays from the 988 radio station played games and gave away prizes to the partygoers.

New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur
New Year Kuala Lumpur
Images Credit: Berita Harian

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