Cyberjaya: Pledge and Plant a Tree Program

| October 3, 2009

Global warming is becoming very serious as the world’s climate gets out of balance and we see an increase in flooding, drought and extreme temperatures that affect agriculture output as well as health. Greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide trap the sun’s heat in the earth’s atmosphere, creating a greenhouse effect that keeps the earth warm. But when it gets too large the earth’s balance is affected and there is a dangerous rise in temperature. This creates severe and extreme weather conditions hence we see more flooding in some areas while other regions suffer droughts.

Why Plant a Tree?

Trees absorb the carbon dioxide in the air and store them in their trunks, branches, leaves, roots and soil. At the same time they release oxygen back into atmosphere. The earth’s atmosphere has become unbalanced because we are flooding it with more carbon dioxide and there are not enough forested regions to absorb the emission. By planting a tree, we are helping to clean the air and put more oxygen back into the atmosphere. If more people around the world plant trees we can overcome this problem. Below are the brochure and details of the program.

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