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| February 4, 2009


For the coming school holidays, my work department is planning to do a family day in Malacca. I was assigned to do some details research about the place and interesting activities that can be done over there. Well, to be truth, I haven’t been in Malacca quite some time, so I went online and typed Malaysia Travel Guide on Google Search and there I found GeckoGo travel planning website.

I’m actually quite surprise to learn that even though GeckoGo travel website was just officially launched on October 1st of 2008, this site already has more reviews of the top 100 attractions worldwide than the leading travel review web site. Besides providing me with good information and tips about Malacca, GeckoGo is also known as one of the fastest growing source of unique travel planning information online. It generally offers travelers looking to research their next travel destination a wealth of vacation planning tools, travel information, and travel planning resources.

You might wonder how I used GeckoGo for my family day research. GeckoGo is basically an open community to help travelers figure out what to do, where to do it, when to go, and the top things to see. The activity and interest based filters: It looks specifically for what to do at any country or city level region based on travel tags whether it be museum visiting or hiking, skiing, or monuments. So I just need type Malacca and filter the activities people like to do over there. GeckoGo has all the information needed for travelers to determine where they should go and what they should see from start to finish. Thanks to the guide, now I can sleep tightly.

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    Menara Taming Sari in Malacca should be one of the interesting attraction. It’s a much visit place to me!

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