Kaohsiung City: Lotus Lake, One of the Most Popular Touristic Locations in Taiwan

| May 10, 2011

Beautiful locations and impressive natural landscapes are very common for Taiwan. There are several highly popular destinations in Taiwan and one of them is Lotus Lake.

Astonishing beauty of the colorful environment around the Lotus Lake, Credits: Flickr

Lotus Lake is artificially built lake, made by humans and it is almost completely covered with lotus blossom. It is located in southern Taiwan, in Kaohsiung City. With it surface of 42 hectares it is the largest lake in the Zuoying District. You can get here pretty fast from the center of the Kaohsiung City, it is only 5 kilometers away from there. The best way to travel from the city to the lake is by train which can get you here for less than 5 minutes.

It is favourite place for many tourists who are visiting this place to enjoy watching the beautiful sunsets and sunrises and to visit these limpid waters by a wooden boat which can be hired from local residents.

The place is as same beautiful during the nights, Credits: Flickr

Credits: Wallpaperstock.net

The place is best visited by tourists during the winter. The lotus flower is very important part of the life in Kaohsiung, it is often used in culinary and it comes as one of the most important ingredients for almost every kind of food here.

Credits: Taiwan.net

Lotus blossom isn’t a single attraction for visitors, there are a number of temples in the nearby of Lotus lake and with their unique architecture and historical significance, they attract the attention of many visitors who came here. The most popular of them are Spring and Autumn Pavilions, the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas and Confucian Temple. There are more than 20 temples in the area which tells us enough about their significance amongst local people.

Credits: Taiwan.net

This lake has hosted some of the 2009 World Games, which were held in Kaohsiung, like water skiing, dragon boat and canoe polo.

Credits: Wallcoo.net

Credits: Taiwan.net

Credits: Wikimedia

Credits: Wikimedia

Credits: Wikimedia

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  1. stuart says:

    Hi Galip,
    Excellent pictures of Lotus Pond, the colours came out really well. It’s one of my favourite places to cycle in Kaohsiung.

    I’m really glad you enjoyed Kaohsiung, as it doesn’t normally get much press. If your readers want to find out more about the place, or how to get to Lotus Pond, they can find out more here.