Official Singapore Airlines Journey Girl Ads

| February 8, 2011

This new official Singapore Airlines (SIA) ads video is beautiful to the hilt. You will love the way the video is made; high definition and very sharp. Though, its being shot as a campaign production for Singapore airlines, but the SIA video has more to it. The ads, entitled “A Journey with the Singapore Girl” has been shot in India, China, USA and France. The Singapore girl wants to remind the world all over again that she is a great way to fly. The campaign shows the hospitality and enchanting moments in the journey across the world with SIA. The music in the background make it more interesting.

Want to learn more, see the making of A Journey with the Singapore Girl

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Category: South East Asia, Travel

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  1. I would love to travel with her

  2. M.H.M says:

    @online go grab the ticket from SIA then! 🙂

  3. Devon hotels says:

    everybody wanted to travel all around the world, who won’t?

  4. Danny says:

    pls tell me the name of the model and music composer.