The Undiscovered Paradise in Phang Nga

| February 19, 2010

Only 15 minutes drive from Phuket International Airport, you will find the pristine and untouched beaches of Phang Nga West Coast. Kilometers of secluded and undisturbed coastline are set to make this destination the next big thing for Asia’s most savvy travelers. An easy escape from bustling Phuket, Phang Nga West Coast offers an easy-to-reach yet tranquil holiday opportunity with all the natural beauty and intrigue of Thailand, without the crowds.

Phang Nga

Development is increasing sharply in this area, with resorts such as Aleenta Resort and Spa at the forefront of luxury accommodation. Located on Natai beach, a world away from the throngs of Phuket town but steeped in a luxury of its own, Aleenta offers guests not only a superior bespoke hospitality experience, but a quintessential liberation from ‘the real world.’

Aleenta Resort & Spa on Natai Beach is the central hub of activity in the Southern part of Phang Nga West Coast. With stunningly beautiful and quiet views of the white sands and crisp blue waters of the Andaman Sea, this unique boutique all-villa resort offers traditional Thai cuisine in addition to French gourmet from the Chef’s Table, the property’s dining hotspot led by a renowned French Chef. Aleenta provides scheduled entertainment for guests and visitors, including weekly outdoor movie nights complete with popcorn and comfy seating, and regular beach bonfires where a delicious Thai BBQ is expertly served.

Phang Nga

Natai, Bo Dan and Tah Sai beaches are among some of the premiere secluded beaches Phang Nga West Coast has on offer. White sands, crystal blue water and a tree-lined coast provide an idyllic getaway for those seeking total rest and relaxation.

On Natai beach, just over the Sarasin Bridge is where Aleenta Resort and Spa sits, as well as “Millionaire’s Row,” a strip of high-end private villas which continues to expand up the beach.

Another beach haven on Phang Nga West Coast is Bor Dan Beach, a secluded stretch just North of Natai where yours will be the only footprints on the soft, fine sand. Surrounded by tall, Casuarina trees and other lush greenery, Bor Dan is a peaceful and refreshing beach escape infused with natural scenery.

Bor Dan Tah Sai

Tah Sai Beach is situated North of Bor Dan, and is 40 minutes from Phuket International Airport. The Tah Sai Beach area features a number of natural lagoons behind the beach, making for alternatively delightful water-centric views, shaded by tall palm trees. Tah Sai is home to a collection of private villas with private pools and a peaceful natural ambience.

Also, underwater adventurers vacationing on Phang Nga West Coast are one step closer to Similan Islands. Known worldwide as one of Southeast Asia’s most revered dive spots, the Similan Islands are more accessible from Phang Nga West Coast than from Phuket – what was once a 4-hour trip from the centre of Phuket is now less than 2 hours from Phang Nga West Coast.

Similan Island

As well as the Similan Islands, the turtle conservation site at Phang Nga West Coast makes this the perfect destination for nature lovers. Often found along Phang Nga West Coast is the Leatherback Marine Turtle, the world’s largest living reptile, which has been listed as a globally endangered species since 1970 and was confirmed as “Critically Endangered in Thailand” in 1996. Phang Nga West Coast is a nesting area for these turtles, and a turtle sanctuary can be found in Khao Lumpee-Haad Thaymuang National Park. The turtle sanctuary is located just 20 minutes North of Natai Beach.

A number of hotels in the area are committed to protecting turtle breeding grounds along the coast. Aleenta Resort and Spa for example, holds an annual fundraiser which last year raised 500,000 Baht. Part of the donations were used to purchase 2 GPS tracking devices, which have been mounted on 2 sea turtles to track their journey through the Andaman Sea for scientific research purposes. The turtles can be tracked on Aleenta’s website,

Phang Nga West Coast offers travelers and holiday makers a Thailand experience like no other – untouched, unspoiled, and pure relaxation is waiting for you.

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  1. peter says:

    The pics were great. It looks so lovely that I am simply mesmerized by the sea side view. Once I went to Thailand and koh samui beach resort and believe i enjoyed it the most. It was a family trip and i enjoyed it fullest.

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    beautiful pictures ,you are great!

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    i love phi phi island the most!

  4. When your in a place like this you must go for a walk. Your pictures show exactly why that is, few places on Earth are as beautiful.

  5. Thanks for your information.I hope they care and protection to turtle forever.

  6. Thank you for very useful post.
    Phang Nga is the great place to take a trip in Thailand.