Top Ten Thai Experiences

| December 3, 2010

The land once known as Siam has a mystical history steeped in ancient splendor and traditions. Experiencing its many faces and aspects requires planning and also an agenda based on your particular preferences and predilections. Many flights to Bangkok are plentiful and reasonable, and while planning your itinerary, check out the traveler tips and advice on arts and culture available at here. The following are some of the things no visitor to Thailand should leave without experiencing.

1. Elephant Ride

(Image Credit: August Wajda)

Riding one of these magnificent beasts either through the jungle or up a mountainside offers a view of the exotic landscape like no other.

2. Eating and Sleeping on Floating Bamboo Huts

(Image Credit: Rene)

Eating on almost any river in Thailand in the afternoon or at late night is a soothing experience as long as you remember the mosquito lotion. Being lulled to sleep by the gentle rolling rhythm of the river is a calming and unique experience.

3. Shop the Floating Markets

(Image Credit: Trey)

Ride a riverboat down the river to the unique Floating Market with its manifold displays of meats, vegetables and fruits floating on hundreds of Thai canoes.

4. Climb a Mountain

(Image Credit: Orva)

Climb the 500-metre high mountain known as “Huang Nok” in Tub Kaak, Krabi Province. It’s about a 5-hour hike offering 360-degree views of the beach and limestone karst topography.

5. Magic Beach and Peninsula

(Image Credit: Omri)

This well hidden little beach located at the end of Patong’s Beach road is bit dangerous, but well worth the trip, made partly by motorbike and partly on foot. It can be treacherous when wet, but it is an exciting area to explore and a prime snorkeling location.

6. The Bridge Over River Kwai

(Image Credit: Antsplan)

This world-famous bridge is a poignant and terrible reminder of the POWs who lost their lives in World War II. Any visit to the bridge must also include a visit to the nearby war museum.

7. Go on a Safari

(Image Credit: Eustaquio)

A visit to an elephant sanctuary near Phuket is usually the starting point of a Thai safari. Watch trained monkeys harvest coconuts and watch how the locals process coconuts for milk and oil. You can even see how rubber is tapped from local rubber trees.

8. Go snorkeling

(Image Credit: Steve)

You will find spectacular landscape both above and below the water when you take a snorkeling trip at Koh Samui. The bright colors will astound you with their brilliance.

9. Take a Cruise Down the River of Kings

(Image Credit: Mark and Jane)

Explore the rich and colorful history of Thailand by taking a riverboat cruise down the River of Kings. The river holds all truth for Thailand and is a source of life, culture and splendor.

10. Experience Some Old-World Healing

(Image Credit: Jergen)

Natural wellness services are popular in Thailand and easily available. Get a massage and sign up for a healing session. One hotel, the Chiva Som Resort, offers ancient eastern treatments that help heal the body, mind and soul in addition to offering comfortable rooms during your sojourn.

Come and experience thrilling, exotic and unique Thailand.

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  1. Really nice trip spot & excellent photo i ever seen

  2. John says:

    thailand is so fake, like the ride on elephant, the floating market, the bridge, and so on…this is just a huge tourist trap.

  3. M.H.M says:

    What’s the matter John? Bad experience in Thailand I guess?

  4. Beatifu pictures, I would love to go there some day.

  5. katy says:

    Oh, God))))) snorkeling)))) I need a vocation)) Over there))

  6. PNR Enquiry says:

    Nice picture.I would love to go there some day.

  7. Thailand is just amazing!!