Choices During Travelling Abroad

| February 28, 2013

Choices During Travelling Abroad | When travelling abroad, the average traveller has a number of choices to make when it comes to how they get around. You could travel by train, car, aeroplane or any other method. Each one has its ups and downs, so choosing the right one may depend on your individual circumstances. In some cases, a combination of these might prove more useful. Again, it all depends on your personal situation and preferences.



If you’re travelling a long distance, than going via air might be more useful. This covers ground the fastest at long distances, since it can take a more direct route; great for getting to one country from another.

However, on a smaller scale it’s not very practical. It’s expensive for small-length trips and is limited, since you have to travel between airports. On a smaller scale, time isn’t really saved either. The time spent waiting in an airport could be used driving along a motorway, eating up the distance between destinations.


If you want the most access and freedom, than travelling by car is the best bet. When abroad, hiring a car is your best option. The benefit of a car is that it gives you the most freedom. You’re not restricted in destinations or timing; it’s all up to you. This also means it’s great for loose plans, or for when you need to re-plan. If you miss a flight or train, you have to wait; this isn’t a problem with a vehicle.

As for expenses, these can be reduced if you look for the right car hire insurance, like Questor insurance for example. Besides running costs, this is generally the only other expense you need to be concerned about. If you’re planning on visiting a number of locations that aren’t always close by, a car has a distinct advantage.

Buses and Trains

The backpacker’s option of choice, buses and trains are great for short distances and stops, but may ultimately prove more hassle on longer trips. This is because it takes time, and you’re limited by the services being run. Depending on where you’re travelling, the costs can also vary.

Furthermore, having to carry around luggage is always going to be a problem, especially if you have to travel from station to station and other destinations. Whereas a car or aeroplane have better storage options, travelling via local infrastructure means you have to carry your own luggage.

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