Five Amazing Countries Known for their Nightlife

| January 22, 2013

Five Amazing Countries Known for their Nightlife | One of the best ways to explore the world is to party away at a variety of destinations right across the globe. There are plenty of great destinations to choose from but just where can you find the best party?


The UK

The United Kingdom is renowned for its nightlife and from London to Edinburgh you’ll be able to have a really good evening of clubbing, drinking or just chilling out with some friends. London has some amazing cocktail joints including Baranis Bar situated within the sophisticated portals of the Savoy Hotel.

For those who prefer something cosier and slightly less refined then a trip to Gordon’s close to Charing Cross Station on the Strand is a good place to start an evening before going on to a club. The famous gay club ‘Heaven’ is just across the road. Some of the world’s best bars are based in London and thanks to ancient laws concerning the city’s markets you’ll be able to party for at least 24 hours.


There is a misconception that to enjoy nightlife in France you’ll have to be sophisticated and have an expandable wallet. This is most definitely not the case. Paris can offer a diverse selection of places for those who enjoy an ‘indie’ scene including the ‘Fleche d’Or’ in the Gambetta district. You can also have a meal here should you get hungry.

Most provincial French cities have a vibrant nightlife too. Try visiting Lyons and checking out the city’s amazing restaurants and nightclubs.


Berlin has long been famous for the exotic and the unusual and those who want to explore this astonishing city will love its flamboyant nightlife. ‘White Trash Fast Food’ is still one of the most popular clubs in the city and a good place to go and see bands on their way up.

The upstairs of the club offers DJs and some rather tasty hamburgers too. Another cool place is the enormous Berghain/Panorama based in a disused power station. This is the place to come if you want to party for days on end.


From New York to Miami, there’s something to suit all tastes and those who enjoy a night at the opera followed by a meal at an upmarket eatery will find as much to satisfy them as those who just want to dance the night away in a hip happening nightclub.

South Beach in Miami has become increasingly popular with those who enjoy an independent arts scene. Try the Wymwood area of the city for something new while those who want to rub shoulders with Hollywood should venture to ‘Liv’ on Collins Avenue.

Of course, finding a good place to stay in Miami is important for all of the city’s visitors. Those who wish to spend a day partying on the beach followed by a night out at one of the areas notorious nightclubs might want to stay in the South Beach area. There are plenty of hotels within walking distance of the clubs, making it easy to get to bed after dancing the night away. Anyone who is interested in a calmer night out, such as nice dinner followed by a show at the theater is encouraged to stay close to downtown.


Poland has developed a reputation as a great place to have a stag party but those who just want to go and enjoy a great night out might be pleasantly surprised by the variety of clubs on offer here. The ancient city of Wroclaw is just one of the many regional capitals and its party atmosphere is centred on the Market Square where there are numerous clubs and bars.

The population of the city is young, thanks to its many educational establishments and many of them can be found at ‘Niebo’ or the slightly more sophisticated ‘Il Gusto.’

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  1. Brian Greene says:

    Ok I know these are for countries, but Montreal (Canada) should definitely be on this list. I’m from there and man… the nightlife is just insane.

    In fact, whenever I’m on vacation and they ask where I’m from and I say Montreal, they always comment on the quality of clubs/women etc.