Personal Jets Industry – Rocketing Ahead

| December 7, 2012

Personal Jets Industry- Rocketing Ahead | The business travel seems to be reviving and personal jet services seem to be making a comeback in a big way. For example, the personal jet marketplace in China is all set to roll in a big way, thanks to the newly rich businessmen getting used to idea of flying around in those luxury jets, either for holidays or when making those endless business trips. And most of them prefer the biggest 12 seaters and they simply want the best and the biggest.

The luxury view inside a private jet

Already there is a glut of business jets in the market, bringing down their prices by about 50 percent.  Today, companies need not own a personal jet to fly their executives. There are many other options such as prepaid flying by the hour, chartering the planes or having fractional ownership. There is a growing trend in the market towards jet cards and fractional ownership.

Technology too is keeping pace with the personal jets. Thousands of jet aircrafts can be scanned in a couple of seconds to match the desired size and the traveler’s itinerary. Today, customers can make use of web-based reservations tool and get access to real-time availability worldwide for personal jets. Today, it is getting more convenient and flexible to fly in private jets. Even small to mid-size companies prefer using personal jets. It seems business aviation is clear indicator of business performance and boosting shareholder value for the company.

The number of business personal jet flights is on a steady rise in US, growing by 11% every year. Providers of personal jet services too are rising in number and also adding the number of jets to their fleet. The purpose is to cater to busy business travelers who need to hop between different cities across the world within a small time frame. Major airlines too are getting in action. Delta Private Jet subsidiary doubled its fleet size recently to cater to the growing demands. Lufthansa too is expanding its line of Private Jet service.

What is making the personal jet service more popular is the time saving factor. Even the best airline schedules often end up in inconvenient connections, even on short flights, thus wasting valuable time. Commercial air flights can be cost-saving, but private jet is a massive timesaver. Time is especially important for those high flying businessmen and company executives. And deteriorating commercial airline services further add to the rationales for flying privately and making efficient use of business time.

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