Top 10 Travel Safety Tips

| January 20, 2011

It’s important that you take precautionary steps while you travel. Any degree of negligence, when traveling may land you in great trouble. It all depends on where you want to travel. Any degree of safety is dependent on your chosen destination. One thing for sure is everybody who loves travel should consider travel insurance and obtaining a travel insurance quote to have an idea of what kind of expense is to be expected.

Basic stuffs you need before go traveling

Here are some other few chosen safety tips for you to remember, while you travel.

  • Every foreign travel begins with a passport, and therefore, you should take steps to ensure that your passport has more than 6 months of validity from the time of your expected return travel date. You should also make sure that blank pages exist in your passport, since this is typically a requirement at most immigration ports.
  • Keep your money in safe custody. Make use of safety locker in your hotel room. Put all the traveller cheques in safety locker and secure them with a lock. Make sure that you carry more than one form of money, carry plastic money such as credit cards, and also currencies of the country where you intend to travel.
  • Carrying a first aid kit is always recommended while you travel. You never know when you will need one. It’s always likely that a scratch, or any kind of minor injury, or a headache may take place. Having a first aid box will help.
  • Keep your luggage locked. Always be with your luggage, when you are traveling. Don’t leave your baggage unattended, there are many opportunists and many things could occur including; stolen or damaged luggage, in worst cases you could have dangerous items placed inside your bag, and you will get caught in the customs for no fault of yours.
  • Travelling in an unknown land is always a challenge, and you may face difficulty if you don’t know the place well. You are advised to hire a tour guide and it will save you time and make you travel comfortable.
  • Taking care of children is always recommended. Children tend to drift away from their parents, and if you are not attentive, you may lose your children.
  • Avoid travelling alone on trips to unknown land, if you can. Travelling in groups make you safer.
  • Many countries require certain vaccination; enquire your travel agent or embassy for the vaccination requirement.
  • It’s important that you keep a set of important phone numbers along with you. Keeping phone numbers such as your travel agent’s, your home and closed relative’s no, is vital.
  • Travelling without insurance is very risky. Get holiday travel insurance direct. Make sure that you ask for a travel insurance quote, and then chose the right insurance policy.

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  1. nothing can compare as important of money and medicine during travels…it can be the best among others.

  2. It is very important and useful post! Travel safety is one of the most important thing for travelers in our today’s crazy world. Please go on to propagate this topic and be successful!

  3. Try not to bring any more valuables than needed when you go for a vacation, such as jewelry or electronic gadgets. Protect your needed valuables at all times by placing them in a secure area that only you and trusted personnel can access.

  4. The mentioned items in this post are indeed very important to us and so we must safeguard them especially during travel. If you are going on the road, it is better to have the engine checked to see if it is fit for long distance travel. This way, you will have a great time on your vacation for you have nothing to worry about.