Top 5 Amazing Waterfall Around The World

| May 10, 2012

Top 5 Amazing Waterfall Around The World | Waterfalls are one of nature most beautiful creations, and come in all shapes in sizes. They are usually judged by their height, width or style or volume of water. Styles of waterfalls include tiered, cascades, horsetails or single drops (plunges). Some larger waterfalls contain multiple styles, showcasing cascades, tiers and even horsetails in one amazing waterfall. With thousands of waterfalls across the world, it is difficult to choose the best but our list contains what we believe are 5 of the world most amazing and beautiful ones!

1) Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls located in Victoria National Park in Africa, this world famous waterfall is truly breathtaking. At 350 feet high and 5700 wide the falls appears to be a falling sheet of water.

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2) Niagara falls

Probably the most famous waterfall in the world, Niagara Falls is found on the border of the United States and Canada. Niagara Falls is actually three different falls, the American Falls, Luna Falls (Bridal Veil Falls) and Horseshoe Falls. Millions of people have visited Niagara Falls, making it a top tourist attraction in the United States.

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3) Yosemite Falls

This top tourist attraction is located in Yosemite National Park in California. Yosemite Falls reaches a top height of 2425 feet, with 3 separate drops. Yosemite Falls contains a plunge, cascades and a horsetail.

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4) Sutherland falls

One of the most famous waterfalls in New Zealand, Sutherland Falls reached a top height of 1904 feet. This tiered type waterfall contains an 885 drop.

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5) Tugela Falls

The second largest waterfall in the world is Tugela Falls is located in South Africa. It reaches a total height of 3110 feet, with the tallest drop reaching 1350 feet.

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