Top 5 Horrific Prisons In The World

| May 7, 2012

Top 5 Horrific Prisons In The World | The prison system is for sure one of the most dreaded places anyone would like to be. In spite of that people are strangely attracted to it as a tourist attraction.

Over the history of human civilization the prisons had an evolution of their own; so it comes as no surprise that so many of them are today craved to be visited by the regular people.

If some prisons are remains of historical events, some strike as odd, while others hold the scariest history of people who were wrongfully accused.

1) Elmina Castle, Ghana: Slaves’ prison where death was at home

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2) Tuol Sleng Genocide Prison, Cambodia: The home of the Khmer Rouge Regime terror

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3) Hanoi Hilton, Hanoi: French prison famous for the torture and murders

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4) Devil’s Island, French Guiana: Home to the “Papillon” extremely realistic story

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5) Alcatraz: The first maximum security prison in the world

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