Top 5 Must-Have Gadgets When Travelling Abroad

| July 12, 2011

When you’re travelling away from home there are certain things that you’ll naturally pack into your bags to make your holiday a little bit more comfortable. But, if you truly want to have some great gadgets which will not only make your getaway easier but more fun, then here are five must-have devices which will make any holiday better than ever.

1. A Smartphone

In the modern world many people have a smartphone and whilst making life very easy at home they are also very useful when you’re abroad. With a multitude of applications from currency converters to destination guides you’ll be able to find almost whatever you wish by using such a device. Meanwhile, with the ability to use many smartphones as cameras, music players and games consoles, you’ll always have entertainment with you wherever you are.

2. Portable Storage Device

With today’s age being a digital one it is a good idea to take a portable storage device with you. Whilst many cameras and phones have large internal memories, having a storage device with you will allow you to download pictures, videos and other information to free up space and provide a backup so that your holiday memories aren’t accidently deleted or lost. The Sima Hitch USB Transfer Device Hub is a great gadget, allowing you to back up anytime, anyplace.

3. Cameras

A camera and camera equipment is vital for any holiday abroad, allowing you to take snaps that will capture memories forever. Whether you’re an amateur or professional you can then take these pictures home to share with friends and family, and even put them up in your home as a constant reminder of great times away. Take time to find a camera that you are used too, and play with new gadgets extensively before you go on holiday. If you’re an amateur you may want something small and compact which can be used to capture good images on the move. However, as a professional, a large camera with better optical zoom and lenses might be preferred.

4. Gorillapod

Whatever camera you may be taking on your holiday, utilising a Gorillapod is a fantastic way of getting perfect pictures. This flexible mounting tripod will mean that you no longer have to ask strangers to take pictures of you. Meanwhile you can avoid camera shakes to get stunning, focussed images that are as good as any professional shot.

5. Grid-it

With all the tech you may be taking away your luggage can quickly turn into a maze of cords, plugs and gadgets. The Grid-It is a fantastic lap-top type bag with various compartments to store all your gadget extras in. No longer will you have to sort through a multitude of cables, or tip the entire contents of your bag out just to find a memory chip.

One of the best ways to find these great gadgets is by shopping online where you’ll be able to compare prices and make sure you get the best deal whatever device you’re buying. And by taking some top tech on your holiday you can get a little extra enjoyment from everything you experience.

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