Top 5 Paradise Island Holidays

| August 18, 2011

In the hectic life of today the best place to go for a holiday is an island as these are serene and calm and offer complete relaxation. These islands are absolute paradise and have a lot to offer to the tourists to ensure that they have a good holiday. There are many destinations to choose from and one can get good packages and all inclusive holidays packages which makes these holidays too good to resist. The top 5 paradise island holiday destinations are:


It is often said that nothing is perfect but Fiji is the place which can be closest to perfection. There are endless islands and beaches here which offer complete relaxation to the tourists. The blue lagoons and the white sands make the place perfect and gorgeous and a must visit. There are many things to do here which make it the perfect holiday destination.


This is the best place in Thailand Asia for a paradise island holiday. The island is serene and beautiful and untouched. The days are perfect for relaxation on the beach and the nightlife is also worth witnessing. There are many resorts in Phuket and one can choose any one of them as they all are amazing and offer everything a tourist looks for in a holiday.


This city in Australia has one of the best beaches in the world. There are many water activities here like snorkeling, diving and surfing. There is a lot the city has to offer and besides the beaches there are many tourist spots which can be enjoyed in the country.


Jamaica is located in the center of the Caribbean Sea and is the perfect location to have a best holiday. The sun and the sand and the beaches are simply spectacular and provide the best place to relax. The dining experience and the rich culture of the island is also great and the cool breeze and the water activities make it the perfect vacation one can have.


Hawaii is the best place for everything. Relaxation, rest, water activities, party, adventure; there is a good dose of everything here which ensures that all tourists here have a good time and get to do what they like. The atmosphere and the people are also great and this makes Honolulu a spectacular and beautiful place to visit. The sunsets here are breathtaking and a must see when visiting this part of the world.

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  1. stolarija says:

    It is very nice. How mutch costs for this holliday?

  2. Barbara says:

    I need to make it to Phuket… Thailand is quickly making its way to the top of my travel list.

  3. Yes. I can’t agree more with you. Phuket is truly a must-visit place once in a lifetime…

  4. The Journey says:

    I do not believe the photos of Fiji, as the most beautiful paradise. A decent place to spend time

  5. Greg says:

    That shot of Sydney is unreal… I recently was in Phuket… Great getaway!

  6. Resimler says:

    My fav is phuket. Thanks for photos.

  7. Muhammad Nabil says:

    sydney? really? yeah, Bondi Beach is quite breathtaking, but seriously our beach offer more than that. sydney is not even an island, unless u refer australia as a whole. lol..

  8. Jason Scott says:

    Obviously Im not the only one who thinks “Phuket” is a great place to retire

  9. patriott21 says:

    I believe the photos of Jamaica, as the a good number love messages stunning heaven. A well-mannered place to squander time.

  10. Poker Nomad says:

    Remove Phuket from the list and add one from Indonesia.