Useful Things For Your Travel Backpack

| May 18, 2012

Useful Things For Your Travel Backpack – When you start planning a backpacking trip, you can easily get obsessive about packing all the travel gadgets. Many people would think way too much about what is really useful to get into their backpack while traveling but it turns out that a bunch of simple, everyday objects can often turn out to be the most useful things for our backpack. Here’s a list of some of the most utilized travel objects.

1. Plastic Bags

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Save up a few and scrunch them into a corner of your backpack. They take up little space but can be so handy. You can use them for wet clothes after a swim or a rain shower, for separating dirty washing from the clean clothes, or even for packing potentially spilled items like shampoo.

2. Notepad + Pen

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This may be the digital age, but there is still plenty of reason to include a notepad and pen in your backpack. You may use them for this old-fashioned procedure of making notes, or something more social; getting a stranger to draw you a mud-map of how to get to a certain place, or playing games like crosses or hangman when you’re waiting around in an airport or bus station.

3. Scarf/Light Towel/Sarong

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Some kind of large piece of cloth material, be it a scarf, a towel or a sarong, or something similar, is inevitably useful as it can perform many different functions. It can become a picnic blanket on damp ground at a park, or a tablecloth over a particularly dirty table, it can keep you warm or dry you off and it can cover you or your things from the sun.


4. Sellotape or Duct Tape

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Some kind of tape is a must. Something relatively strong is the best because too much is better than too little. You don’t know whether your tape will be called upon to stick back a page into a book or a ripped ticket, or to tape together the corner of your backpack which has burst after one too many airport baggage handlers dropped it.

5. Snacks

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Always pack a few kinds of snacks in various parts of your backpack. You never know when you’re going to be starving and not able to buy food. You might end up at a train station late at night after all the kiosks have closed, or you don’t have any cash in the local currency to stop at a local shop. Things like small packs of muesli bars and even two-minute noodles (for a hostel or hotel room late at night) might save your hunger.

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