What Women Want in Travel

| May 4, 2009

I came across an interesting article written by April Merenda, president and co-founder of Gutsy Women Travel, where she shared her findings on the travel habits of women. They look for different things when they travel alone, with their families, or on business, but it seems that most women, universally, share several common concerns.

Security is, and always will be, the top priority in deciding where a woman will be travelling. It helps in choosing the hotel and/or the location of the trip. Women want, and search for hotels in safe neighborhoods and usually prefer to travel on escorted tours with professional Tour Managers, especially when travelling by themselves.

Females are natural born Multi-taskers so they expect, and want, to do as much as possible while on vacation. While most men are content in just laying around on the beach, a woman usually will want to experience the area as much as possible. Weather it be taking in local cooking classes, wine tasting, sightseeing or shopping in the local stores, a woman will want to do it all. But they also will enjoy the free time they have to explore the location on their own, without any set time restraints.

Popular Time to Travel
The time of year, when to travel, is also important for most women. It seems that they prefer to travel in the Spring (March/April) and Fall (September/October). They are able to take advantage of lower, off-season rates, while still enjoying beautiful temperatures. It will never be too hot or too cold to take advantage of the choosen destination.

Age seems to play into a women’s travel experience. Younger women, in their 20s and 30s prefer long weekend getaways, while women in their 40s, and older, usually prefer 7-day getaways. They have more time, and money, to get away from their daily routine and feel that they deserve a longer vacation away from home.

It seems that many women are now waiting until they are retired, and their children moved away, before they actually indulge in their passion for travel. It has been found that approximately 30% of women in their 50s and 60s are now taking “Women’s Only Tours”. They are first time travellers who have finally made the time to see and explore the world.

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